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VERY IMPORTANT: Watch the 6-Step Training Video at the bottom of this post BEFORE you start to Build your Business!!!

Step One, when it comes to gathering consultants is to make a list of everyone you know.  It is very important to have this written list.  You’re contact list in your cell phone doesn’t count!

Who’s on this List?

  • Friends and Family
  • People from work
  • Professionals
  • Business people
  • Successful people
  • Everyone you know and come into contact with

Don’t pre-judge anyone!

This list will continually grow as you meet new people.

DO NOT have the attitude that your goal is to sign people up.  If you have that attitude then you are going to try to convince people about why they should get started with the business.  You’re going to confuse & chase people away and they will never even get to see the presentation. (Someone did this to me before I started the business & now they are losing out on all the money my team brings in.)

You’re ONLY goal is to get the Presentation in front of everyone you know and everyone who you come into contact with.

Your only thought should be….

….“What is the best way that I can get the Presentation in front of him/her?”

You can do this by:

  • Bringing them to a Live Presentation/Local Meeting and having a leader at the presentation answer their questions
  • In-Home Presentation with one of the leaders from your team
  • Two-on-One Presentation with a leader from your team
  • One-on-One Presentation and then getting them on a 3-way call from a leader on your team
  • Showing the DVD presentation and then getting them on a 3-way call from a leader on your team
  • Having them watch the videos on your website and then getting them on a 3-way call from a leader on your team
  • Success From Home Magazine w/ DVD

When trying to get someone to see a presentation, a brief invitation is all that’s needed.

A Few Rules To Live By:

  • The less you say, the more you make
  • The more you say, the less you make
  •  Don’t confuse the invitation for the presentation

Brief Invitation (should be 3 minutes or less):

  • Ask for an Opinion
  • Ask the 3 Questions:
  1. How many people do you know that use electricity or natural gas?
  2. How many of those people do you think would like to pay less for it or even get it for free?
  3. How would you like to earn a residual income and potentially thousands of dollars in bonuses just by referring people to that offer?
  • Remember NOT to try and explain the business. This is an invitation ONLY!

If you can get the presentation in front of someone without them even knowing what they are about to see, this is good too.  That is actually how I seen the presentation.  I thought I was going to my friend’s store after-closing for a get-together and when I got to the store there was a projector screen and chairs.  I wasn’t looking for another way to make money at the time, so it was a good thing he got it in front of me the way he did… for me & him!  He hit the lotto the day I joined his team!!

On the flipside…

A couple years before I joined the business, another one of my friends tried to talk me into going to a presentation by trying to explain the business to me and telling me that I would make a ton of money.  Again, I wasn’t looking for another way to make money at the time and never went to a presentation with him.  He threw away the winning lottery ticket by not getting me on his team.  He was on a team that didn’t have our “Proven System” and did the business all wrong until he finally got frustrated and quit.

After they see the presentation there are 3 types of people:

  • I’m ready to get started-> Don’t say another word and sign them up immediately!
  • I’m interested, but I have some questions 1st.-> Get them on a 3-way call right away with one of your team leaders!
  • It’s not for me-> Thank them for taking a look and sign them up as a customer.

Whenever you get a “YES”, that’s Great! If you get a “No”,that’s still Great!” You got it in front of them. It’s a numbers game. The more you show the presentation, the more you “YES’s” you will get, and the more money you will make. You need to get “NO’s” to get to the “YES’s”, but if you are not showing the business this will never happen.

The most successful people are the ones who show the presentation the most!

Watch the video below to learn how to build your business successfully from our Proven System.  The training is given by my partner and mentor, Ray Montie.  He is the #4 Income Earner in the business.  He is a Multi-Millionaire solely from this business. If you decide to join the team you not only get my help and  mentoring skills to build your business, but you also get Ray and all the successful leaders in between.




Mike Patrella

Ambit Energy: Customer Gathering

Gathering Customers in Ambit Energy is very simple….

….as long as you follow our team’s Proven System.

Things NOT to do when Gathering Customers:

  • Start by asking them if they want to save money
  • Talk about rates
  • Tell them about different incentives, like the 2night/3day hotel voucher or when they use energy they generate rewards points to use for trips

If you do the things above I guarantee that eventually you’ll get frustrated and quit the business.

The reason for this is….

….People don’t like to be sold on things. 

So how do I and every other Successful person in the business Gather Customers?

We ask for a FAVOR….

….and this is how we ask for it:

“I need to ask you for a favor…”

(They ask, “What is it?”)

I answer, “If it’s not going to cost you anything, it won’t inconvenience you, you’re actually going to save some money, and you’ll really be helping me, Jess, & the kids out; Can you do us a favor?”

I mention my wife and kids so they know how important this business is to me. Everything I do in this business I do for my family and I let my potential future customer know that. My family is my “WHY”. I let them know this. Always make sure to let them know your “WHY” when asking for the favor.

When I get “YES” I ask them for their bill right away and then put them into the computer ASAP.  People WILL do a Favor before worrying about saving money.



I’m going to give you 2 examples of why it is important to ask for the favor.


I called one of my friends and asked him for The Favor. He told me that he was at his mothers house and when he goes home he’ll call me back with the bills. When he got home and called me he also let me know that the only reason he was giving me his bills was because I said it was going to help me, my wife, and kids out. He told me he already didn’t pay a lot for his utility bills because he lives in an apartment. If all I was going to do was save him some money he wouldn’t of gave me the bills because he felt it was more of a hassle to find the bills just to save a couple dollars a month on a bill that was already very low. If I didn’t ask for The Favor he would’ve told me “No” and I probably would’ve never knew why.

Example #2:

On my first day of doing the business I didn’t get properly trained and I did it all wrong. I put in my own bills, I got both of my parents bills, and my Aunt’s bills- but then I went to get my father-in-law’s bills. I never asked him for the favor. Instead I tried to convince him to save money and I let him know all the incentives on becoming an Ambit customer. He told me that he tried to save money with a different company years ago and he really didn’t save any money, so he wasn’t interested. He told me he was sorry and then I made the big mistake of telling him, “It’s okay; don’t worry about it.” Meanwhile it ate at me and bothered me for quite a while. My own father-in-law didn’t want to be my customer! After getting properly trained I went back to him a month later and apologized for trying to sell him on becoming my customer. Then I got very personal with him by letting him know I am doing this for HIS daughter and HIS grandchildren. I let him know that this wasn’t a hobby, but this is my business which I am using to give THEM a better life. After he seen how much it meant to me and he heard my “WHY”, he decided to give me his bills. Now he even recommends other people to me.


Anyone who you give your business to on a monthly basis should also be giving you their business by becoming your customer.

People you probably give monthly business to:

  • Barber/Hair Stylist
  • Landscaper
  • Deli
  • Pet groomer


I go to the same deli all the time when I work. I asked the owner of the deli for the favor. He kept telling me that he had to think about it. One day I told him that if he didn’t give me the bills then I would have to find somewhere else to get my breakfast. He asked me if I was serious, so I told him I was. I let him know that I come to his Deli everyday, because over the years we got to know each other. We tell each other stories about our kids. I told him I know he owns the deli to support his kid and that this is my business which I use to support my kids. I also let him know that I could go to another deli and get my breakfast cheaper, but I enjoyed giving him my business and I would appreciate it if he gave me his business too. The next day when I went to the deli and he had his bills ready for me!


This is a Proven System that myself and every other successful person in the business uses, so I hope you’ve learned something and choose to do the same.

Things TO DO when Gathering Customers:

  • Ask for the Favor
  • Ask for the Favor
  • Ask for the Favor
  • Make it Personal!


Once you put a customer into the computer make sure to do the following:

  • Get them Third Party Verified (TPV) right away
  • Keep periodically checking your Powerzone(back-office) to make sure they go from Preverifed(Pv) to Pending(P) to Energized(E)
  • Make sure the don’t go to Preverified Failed (Pvf)

I hate seeing consultants going through all the steps on getting a customer and then they either don’t get the customer thru TPV or they make a mistake entering the customer into the computer and the customer goes to Pvf and the consultant has no clue.

So Remember…

  • Ask for The Favor!
  • Make it Personal!
  • Make sure the Customer goes thru TPV and does’t go to Pvf!


Customer Gathering Machine,

Mike Patrella

I sometimes see people who have been in this business for a while and they don’t earn free energy yet…

…I just don’t get it!!

I look at FREE Energy as a form of Residual Income which I get on top of my actual Residual Income.

Earning Free Energy in this business is Very Simple.

You can Earn (up to) FREE Energy Supply on either gas or electric or both!

Your utility bill is broken up into two sections:

  1. Delivery Charges
  2. Supply Charges

Around 50% of your bill is your supply charges….

….I’m going to show you how you can get your supply for FREE.

All you have to do is sign up 15 gas customers for gas and/or 15 electric customers for electric.

I’ll use electric as an example.

When you have signed up 15 electric customers and they are all energized(account is active) then Ambit takes the average of the supply side of all your personal customers electric bills and credits your electric bill up to the total of your supply charge.

 Example #1:

If the supply side of your bill is $100 and the average of your personal customers bills is $92, then you get a $92 credit.

Example #2:

If the supply side of your bill is $100 and the average of your personal customers bills is $120, then you get $100 credit.

You get a credit of their average supply charge “up to” the total of your supply charge.

In some states they send you a check instead of a credit on your bill. This money is also non-taxable because it is considered a rebate.

It works the same exact way with your gas bill.

So if you Earn Free Energy Supply on both your electric and gas bill, then that’s a nice chunk of change coming your way each & every month.

And YES I said each and EVERY month!!!

You get these customers one time and you are earning free energy supply month after month after month after month as long as you keep the total of 15 customers.

I signed up my customers years ago- ONE TIME -and I have earned thousands of dollars in Free Energy Supply since.

No other company in the industry has this amazing offer.

Here is my Free Energy Refund Check for my Electric Bill:


This check is just for my electric bill.  It covers half the cost of my electric bill.


Here is my Online Gas Bill with my Free Energy Credit:


This month my Free Energy Supply Gas Credit covered 40% of that bill.


It’s a Great feeling to not have to pay 1/2 my Utility Bills each and every month for something I did one time – years ago!

So if you’re already in the business and you are not earning Free Energy Supply

…What are you waiting for!

…Get on it!

…And if you are thinking about joining the business, the Free Energy Supply alone should be enough incentive alone.


Free Energy Earning Machine,

Mike Patrella

What is your “WHY”?

What is your “WHY”?

This is probably the single most important question when starting any type of business.

WHY did you decide to start this business?

That is a question you must answer before you get started, if you plan on being successful at your new venture.

Your “WHY” could be a combination of a few things.

Here are some examples:



Once you decide what your “WHY” is, this is what will drive you to make sure you do everything in your power to be successful at your new Business.

It might seem a little corny, but make a Vision Board.

Buy a cork board (I actually got a magnetic whiteboard).  Then on it, pin up pictures of things which you want to achieve with your new business.


  • Actual pictures of the credit cards you want to pay off
  • A picture of the actual house you want to buy
  • A picture of the actual car you want to buy
  • A picture of a diploma with your child’s name or the school that you want to be able to afford for your child
  • Pictures of places you would want to travel to
  • Charities you would like to donate to
  • Things you would like to do with your Time Freedom
  • A big ol’ stack of money labelled “FINANCIAL FREEDOM”
  • Picture of your spouse and children or anyone that your “WHY” might revolve around


Put this Vision Board somewhere where you would see it everyday.  Mine is on the wall on the side of my bed.  I see it first thing when I wake up in the morning and it’s the last thing I see at night right before I go to sleep.


Here’s a list of what’s on my Vision Board:

  • Picture of my wife & two kids
  • Picture of Palm Trees which reads “Dream Vacations”
  • Picture of a Large Mansion Style Home
  • Picture of a Bentley
  • Picture of a Beach House
  • A note which reads- “Pay Off The Condo, So The Tenant’s Rent Is 100% Profit”
  • Pictures of Successful People, like the two co-founders of the company I’m partnered up with
  • A note which reads- “It’s definitely going to happen; How long is it going to take?”
  • Picture of Stacks of Money which reads- “FINANCIAL FREEDOM
  • A note which reads- “What Have You Done Today To Make Your Business Grow”


Here is an actual picture of My Vision Board:



The picture of my wife and two kids is because everything I do, I do it for them.  My part-time business actually allowed by wife to leave her full time job and stay home to raise our kids

The picture of Palm Trees which reads “Dream Vacations” is because I would like to be able to go anywhere in the world- at any time- as many times during the year as I’d like with my family. Lately we’ve been doing at least two vacations a year- so we’re getting there!

The picture of a Large Mansion Style Home is because….


….I’d like a HUGE home.  Last year we were able to move from our condo and buy a big detached house with a nice yard and nice deck with an overhang that has lights and a ceiling fan…. Great for outdoor parties! ….I’d still like an upgrade in the future!

The picture of a Bentley……… Don’t really think that one needs an explanation!  (Although, right now I’m happy that both my cars are paid off and are fairly new.)

The picture of a Beach House…

….Who doesn’t want a Beach House?!?!?

The note which reads- “Pay Off The Condo, So The Tenant’s Rent Is 100% Profit”-   Like I said we recently bought a new house, but because of my part-time business I was able to keep my condo and rent it out.  Now I want to pay it off in full, so the rent is 100% profit.

The note which reads- “It’s definitely going to happen; How long is it going to take?” -This just keeps me reminded that it’s up to me on how hard I work my part-time business to get results quickly.  It’s already happening… Just how long is it going to take for my to achieve all my goals of getting everything on that Vision Board?

The pictures of Successful People, like the two co-founders of the company I’m partnered up with is because I want to achieve the same level of success someday.

The picture of Stacks of Money which reads- “FINANCIAL FREEDOM” pretty much sums everything up.  I want everything on my Vision Board.  One day I want to have it where I don’t have to get out of bed at all and have all my bills paid.  At the moment I have ZERO DEBT, except for two mortgages which I plan on paying off in the near future.

One of, if not the most important thing on my Vision Board is a hand written note which I put right in the middle of the board that reads: “What Did You Do To Make Your Business Grow Today?”

When I read this in the morning and look at the pictures it gets me motivated!


….if I don’t do anything for my business that day, when I lay down at the end of my day to go to sleep and read that hand written note and then look at the picture of my wife and two kids I get this very depressing feeling because I feel like I let them down.  All of my “WHYs” revolve around them.  This rarely happens to me because I don’t like to let them down, but if it does then the next day I go twice as strong.

That’s my Vision Board.  Now It’s time to make yours!


“Let others know your “WHY”…

…That way they can keep you accountable.”

When you let others know your “WHY” it gives you some more drive to achieve your “WHY”.  Nobody likes to be proven wrong or to be called a quitter.  That’s why it’s a good idea to have others keeping you accountable.  These people can be your family members, friends, co-workers, or as your new business grows- your business partners.

 So Remember…

…The Most Important part of your business is knowing your “WHY”.  It is the foundation of your business.  Keep reminding yourself of what you “WHY” is and have others keep you accountable for achieving your “WHY”.


So let’s achieve those “WHY’s” together,

-Mike Patrella



Residual Income vs. Linear Income

Residual Income vs. Linear Income


Residual Income vs. Linear Income is a subject that many people don’t even know exists. Why don’t people know about this subject? The reason is that most people don’t know that you can be an average person and earn a residual income.  They think that you have to earn a linear income, working a full time job or multiple jobs until the day they die or are too old to enjoy retirement.

What is Residual Income?

Residual Income- Royalty income that accrues to the owner of an intellectual property, such as art, books, lyrics, music, patents, etc.

So who earns Residual Income?

  • Actors/Actresses
  • Musicians
  • Authors
  • People with Patents
  • Some Artists
  • Network Marketers

Residual Income is also known as:

  • Passive Income
  • Legacy Income- because it can be “willed” down to generations to come after you pass away.  Your great, great, great grandchildren can collect on what you got started.
  • Recurring Income

What is Linear Income?

Linear Income- the income a person receives from the work she or he does. For this one needs to put in certain number of hours every week as work. The linear income stops when the person stops working. It requires continued work. The source of income of more than 90% of people around the world is linear income. Linear income is also known as work income.

Linear Income Facts:

  • You work 40 hrs., you get for 40 hrs.
  • You work 2hrs. overtime, you get paid for 2hrs. overtime
  • You don’t work, YOU DON’T GET PAID

Residual Income Facts:

  • You do something ONE TIME, you get paid over & over again~ month after month, year after year
  • You don’t have to get out of bed to get paid once you have a residual income coming in

So what would you rather do:

Continuously work day in & day out to just barely make a living?

or start a business that after you do something one time you can get paid over & over again for years to come?

If you are like me, then I’m betting you also want to earn that Residual Income.

If I’m right then I look forward to you joining the team!


Mike Patrella